Dye System

Dye System

Industrias Omar has a proprietary dye system based on OMARCROM and HIDROCROM pigment pastes.

The pigments have been rigorously selected for quality, colour strength, light resistance and chemical agents. They do not contain heavy metals and are compliant with the EN 71-3 standard on metal migration and safety in toys. This makes them suitable for any application where high toxicological safety is required.

The available converters can be used to obtain any colour on the RAL or NCS chart.

Omarcrom Pastes

OMARCROM pastes are based on a resin compatible with most solvent-based resins: nitro, polyurethane, acrylics, polyester, gel coat, epoxy and certain synthetics.

Hidrocrom Pastes

HIDROCROM pastes are based on a resin compatible with our indoor and outdoor pigmentable water-based products.