12 June, 2019

Omar Coatings resins for shower trays

In recent years, the market for shower trays has gradually replaced that for bathtubs. There are several reasons for this change: from a focus on space savings, to installation or manufacturing costs, to design. Within the market of shower trays, the best accepted product is the one manufactured using the casting process, using mineral fillers...
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6 June, 2019

PLW, Pure Lasting White

Omar Coatings, a coatings manufacturer with a long history, mainly in the wood sector, has always been characterised by being at the forefront, with several developments that have become iconic over time. On this occasion we highlight the launch of new formulations across our pigment range, this time focusing on white – Pure Lasting White....
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8 May, 2019

How to maintain an outdoor pool

Summer is on its way! But is your swimming pool ready for it? If not, now is the time to clean and maintain it so you can make the most of it in when the sun comes out. As you know, regular maintenance means a long life, so we recommend cleaning and repainting twice a...
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barnices mobiliario en estados unidos
22 March, 2019

Acriter and Omarcril win over the U.S. kitchen furniture industry

Omar Coatings, as part of their internationalisation process that began a few years ago, began marketing in the United States. The extraordinary work done by distributors in the different states of the country is being rewarded and the kitchen furniture sector has been one the first instance of success that has come from their hard work....
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13 February, 2019

Omar Coatings leads the “Ambicoat” project for the development of MOF coatings

The AIMPLAS Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico  will coordinate the AMBICOAT project, whose objective is the development of coatings, based on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), for the purification of indoor air. OMAR COATINGS, in addition to other leading companies in their respective sectors, has led this project jointly with AIMPLAS and with funding from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities in...
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30 January, 2019

Diversity of coatings

How often do you think about redecorating your home? Or a specific space in your home: the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom…? When considering decorating we tend to think about furniture or accessories, but rarely do we stop to consider walls and floors. Decoration enthusiasts should know that there is little point in having the...
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9 January, 2019

Armani NYC dresses in red with OmarCril Brillo

The luxurious Italian clothing brand Armani has selected our product OmarCril Brillo for their New York store. The brand chose the Armani red colour as the main shade to redecorate its cosmetic product store in The Big Apple. Just before the Christmas holidays, when the city of skyscrapers fills with light and colour, a large group of professionals worked tirelessly...
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feria sib 2018
13 December, 2018

Omar Coatings present at SIB (International Salon du Bâtiment Casablanca) 2018

During the month of November, assisted by the exclusive distributor of Omar Coatings for Morocco, we were present at what is possibly the most important show in Casablanca. The 17th edition of the event was staged on an area of more than 20,000 m² and attended by 660 national and international companies and over 182,000...
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14 November, 2018

Solidarity sponsorship for the fight against cancer

On 5 November, our distributor in the Dominican Republic, NicaDom, in collaboration with Omar Coatings, sponsored the Golf Mitre tournament at the course of La Cana and Hacienda Punta Cana Resort&Club. The tournament was held to raise funds for the Fundación Caminantes por la Vida, which works to reduce the impact of cancer in the...
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