certificaciones revestimientos Bio

Bio Certifications on 17 products in the HIDROMAR range

The HIDROMAR BIO range, marketed by Omar Coatings, consists of single-component and two-component products for interior applications and single-component products for exterior applications. For each type of product, acrylic resins and isocyanates with different properties have been selected depending on the use of the final coating. In all cases, these resins contain between 35% and 45% of raw materials of natural origin for acrylic resins, more than 45% for isocyanates and more than 50% for special resins based on fatty acids. This wide range of raw materials has enabled the formulation of products whose solid remainder contains between 30% and 40% of raw materials from renewable sources.

The complete range has been sent to Beta Analytic, a prestigious laboratory, accredited for these tests and recognized worldwide, specialized in radiocarbon dating services. There, our products have been tested for natural carbon content and certified according to ASTM D6866-20 Method B (AMS).

The test consists of measuring the C14 content with respect to the total carbon in the sample, according to the international reference of C14 content in the current atmospheric CO2, which is a known and stable data. It is understood that the C14 comes from plant or animal remains, i.e. it is a modern carbon, and the content is evaluated against carbon from fossil sources where the C14 content is zero. With this data, the origin and percentage of each is compared and the certified result is issued.

The 17 different products that make up the entire commercially available BIO range have been certified. The results refer to the following products:

As an example of the certifications, see the image below.

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