revestimientos bio preservar el medio ambiente
Nowadays we are used to reading, hearing, and even using the term BIO, but what does it really mean? The etymological origin of BIO is Greek, and its meaning in the ancient language is “life”. Thus, for example, we use biology as the science that studies life, or biography as the narration of a person’s...
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versatilidad poliuretanos
Las últimas tendencias en mobiliario de interior, desde hace ya algunos años, nos han traído un incremento en la demanda de lacados, así como de acabados más transparentes y duraderos para las maderas y chapas de madera. Pero sin duda alguna el lacado blanco, con todas sus variantes, es el que predomina sobre el resto....
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In recent years, the market for shower trays has gradually replaced that for bathtubs. There are several reasons for this change: from a focus on space savings, to installation or manufacturing costs, to design. Within the market of shower trays, the best accepted product is the one manufactured using the casting process, using mineral fillers...
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Epoxy resin is a product that has been applied on all types of floors in industry and the service sector in recent years. Most of us know this material as a floor covering, but the truth is that the excellent characteristics of Epoxy resin have led to it being used in other sectors, such as...
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