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Omar Coatings manufactures technologically advanced, sustainable materials to protect and beautify the surfaces on which they are applied. Based on this maxim and with continuous updates to systems, products and production, we pursue targets in three business areas.

Quality Paints, Varnishes And Resins

The guarantee of quality across its wide range of products (all certified compliant with current international standards) has consolidated the loyalty of each and every one of our customers. The trust and the bond between our customers and our industry has been our best letter of introduction to open new, more demanding and specialised markets on a daily basis.


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At Omar Coatings, we have been addressing the internationalisation process for over 20 years, seeking and obtaining growth, diversification and feedback from over 25 different markets. The efforts of recent years have consolidated and expanded our presence in new areas, maintaining our strategy without diversifying our brand.
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Interview with Omar Coatings R&D Department

How would you define the word innovation? It is everything that involves the development of new products and/or production processes, involving the use of new...
revestimientos bio preservar el medio ambiente

BIO products to preserve the environment

Nowadays we are used to reading, hearing, and even using the term BIO, but what does it really mean? The etymological origin of BIO is...
High performance coating systems

High performance coating systems

For centuries, stone, marble, granite, mosaic, and wood have been the surface of the habitat in palaces, large estates, religious or administrative buildings and also,...

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