A person planting a sprout

In Omar Coatings we are helping to neutralize the carbon footprint

Omar Coatings in its commitment and implementation of an integrated management system in its quality and environmental policy of the company, has received a certification from BRENNTAG QUIMICA which ratifies the participation of our company in the reforestation of a degraded area in Cue (Llanes-Asturias), as a form of gratitude for our trust and collaboration, for the reforestation of this area.

This project has been implemented thanks to the collaboration of BRENNTAG with BOSQUIA, a company that has planted in three years more than 100,000 native trees in Spain and Portugal by the hand of companies that want to help to disappear the carbon footprint through reforestation. Their intention is recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded by human action, such as landfills, burned areas or old pastures, so that they can once again become places where flora and fauna coexist in harmony.

We are undoubtedly very proud to participate in actions such as this, where we also ratify our commitment to improving the environment. As detailed in the certificate received: a single tree can absorb in one year the CO2 emitted by a car driving between 10,000 and 20,000 km. Considering this fact, our commitment is to continue in this line and seek to balance the carbon footprint with reforestation, in this case of the Cue forest.

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