For several years, as a solution for reforming home furniture, pigmented coatings found their place for old furniture in a home.The main aim of this trend is to achieve a renewed image of the home, make rooms lighter and offer the versatility of a wide range of colours. The current style of pigmented open-pore furniture...
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revestimientos bio preservar el medio ambiente
Nowadays we are used to reading, hearing, and even using the term BIO, but what does it really mean? The etymological origin of BIO is Greek, and its meaning in the ancient language is “life”. Thus, for example, we use biology as the science that studies life, or biography as the narration of a person’s...
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ejemplo de los barnices al agua exterior
Summer is on its way! But is your swimming pool ready for it? If not, now is the time to clean and maintain it so you can make the most of it in when the sun comes out. As you know, regular maintenance means a long life, so we recommend cleaning and repainting twice a...
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