How to achieve a “pigmented open-pore” finish

For several years, as a solution for reforming home furniture, pigmented coatings found their place for old furniture in a home.The main aim of this trend is to achieve a renewed image of the home, make rooms lighter and offer the versatility of a wide range of colours.

The current style of pigmented open-pore furniture is not limited exclusively to renovations or reforms, but also in many kinds of Nordic- or vintage-style minimalist furniture manufactured in small, exclusive runs or in large productions of modern furniture.

At Omar Coatings, we have developed coatings capable of guaranteeing a finish to satisfy consumers, with our guarantee as varnish manufacturers and offering a huge range of options for an excellent pigmented open-pore finish.

For large-scale industrial processes, we recommend applying an acrylic bi-component product specially designed to produce a perfect pore and offer maximum wettability and deep coverage, thus avoiding the imperfections of the substrate. However, besides these characteristics, we offer the truly extraordinary benefits of vertical application to counter thixotropy and drying.

Furthermore, for industrial processes with conditioning for water-based products and customised productions and, of course, for DIY enthusiasts, Omar Coatings develops a water-based product that can be applied as a mono- or bi-component to improve physical-chemical properties.As you can see in the photographs, the end result is nothing short of extraordinary.

fabricante recubrimientos muebles antiguos

In this case, our water-based varnishes in thin layers, applied using the bi-component system, gave us really flexible drying capacities under application conditions that involved high humidity and standard undiluted applications; all thanks to our Hidromar Int Pur White Primer as the undercoat, finished with a smooth sanding and a topcoat of Hidromar Int Pur White M30.

Aware of the benefits and excellent finishes of our products, we invite you to send us information and photographs of your work with the aforementioned materials so we can publish the end results in our OMAR PROYECTA section.If you haven’t seen said section yet, log on to:

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