Omar Coatings resins for shower trays

In recent years, the market for shower trays has gradually replaced that for bathtubs. There are several reasons for this change: from a focus on space savings, to installation or manufacturing costs, to design.

Within the market of shower trays, the best accepted product is the one manufactured using the casting process, using mineral fillers and polyester resin. This method basically consists of mixing the mentioned components together with the dye and spreading it over a mould, which has already received a layer of gelcoat. The gelcoat gives the product better chemical and mechanical resistance properties, as well as being able to include surface treatments such as anti-slip or antimicrobial.

At Omar Coatings we are aware of the demand that exists in the market for these materials and that is why we have products such as POLRES 139/BV resin, specially formulated for use together with mineral fillers, which can be used to manufacture trays, terrazzo, synthetic marble, flooring, etc. In addition, this resin is characterised by its low heat release during the process and its low colour.

We also stand out for the manufacture of gelcoats, many of which are based on our own POLRES 334 isophthalic resin that has very good chemical properties and resistance to yellowing. One of our gelcoats formulated with this resin is GELCOAT ISO NPG. Thanks to its high resistance to weather and to hydrolysis, it is perfect not only for shower trays, but also for swimming pools, tanks, boats, bodywork, sinks, washbasins and bathtubs. In addition, it can be combined with our Omarcrom pastes to create the desired colour.

Our experience speaks for us and our R&D department works to make us a benchmark company with regards to the research and improvement of all our products. At Omar Coatings we continue researching to develop new products as per the evolution of the market. We want to always be at the forefront and at the service of our customers.

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