visita comercial a bulgaria a una fábrica de madera

Bulgaria, first international visit after COVID

After a break of more than a year and a half in the face-to-face visits and prospecting of new international markets caused by COVID, Bulgaria has been the first destination after the return from the summer vacations. Undoubtedly, with a very special flavor for several reasons. The first of all is the return to relative normality. It is true that we now have digital passports, certified statements to access each country and our obligatory companion wherever we go: the mask. But beyond all this, we are back to traveling.

But leaving aside the pandemic, we can only thank the exquisite treatment received and their extraordinary hospitality in this trip through Bulgarian lands, where we want to mention the great professionalism in the coatings sector.

Bulgaria is a country with a close relationship between distribution and customers. They are very demanding professionals with a continuous implication offering technical support, even in the most paradoxical or strange projects.

We would like to mention the interest generated in our visits for the high gloss polishable finishes, such as our BLANCOMAR BRILLO Z. Also for the transparent base coats and finishes, with high productivity electrostatic applications, such as POLIFOND 36 and SEDAPOL A. And finally, for the water-based products for application of exterior vertical parameters such as HIDROMAR BIO EX.

We could say that the distribution is not a coatings trading company; it is much more. They combine service, advice and support, all in the field of coatings for the most diverse substrates. Undoubtedly, very much in line with the philosophy that we have been carrying out for years in Omar Coatings. We are convinced that all the meetings held during our visit will soon bear fruit for this reason. We are sure we will be back soon with more news and new projects for this special country.

Here are some pictures taken during commercial visits to various industries in the coatings sector, as well as of the processes and finishes.

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