“OMAR PROYECTA”, an initiative in which our partners play a leading role

At Omar Coatings we would like to thank all our customers who, for more than 70 years, have help us grow and position ourselves as a reference brand in the varnish and resin sector. Our resolution for this new year is to give back the support received by making all our partners protagonists in our...
productos poliuretano y barnices base agua

Omar Coatings consolidates its position in Morocco

Morocco is a country with which Omar Coatings has had commercial relations for years; the relations have not always been constant, but they have always resulted in useful contacts. We did not finally consolidate a bond with our main distributor in the country until the end of 2016. The union has fostered close inter-company collaboration...
foto de fuego simulando la calidad de los barnices ignífugos

Keys to the application of the European Standard UNE-EN 13501 in fire-retardant varnishes.

Omar Coatings manufactures a wide selection of products for different materials, surfaces and finishes in . Driven by the constant evolution of materials and manufacturing processes and with safety in mind, we have continued the research we have carried out in the fire-retardant varnishes developed in recent years. In view of the European Standard UNE-EN...

Digital Renewal

As part of the main and strategic lines of the company, we have decided to enter the new digital era. At Omar Coatings, we are launching a new digital strategy aware of the need for constantly renewing our procedures and searching for new channels of communication. Our desire to be closer to our workers, customers,...
foto del showroom del fabricante de barnices omar coatings

We have modernised our facilities and incorporated a show room

At Omar Coatings, following the implementation and maintenance of our quality and environment policy, we have refurbished a number of common elements, such as the main front, with insulation materials to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort in doors. We have also set up a new showroom with over three hundred samples and applications ranging...
internacionalización de omar coatings

Strengthening our internationalisation process

Omar Coatings’ commercial department will be responsible for promoting the growth and consolidation of the company’s strategic areas in the French market. As a result, this new delegation has been set up and, through the branch office, is to integrate a competitive team that offers the product and technical service our French neighbours deserve.
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