“OMAR PROYECTA”, an initiative in which our partners play a leading role

At Omar Coatings we would like to thank all our customers who, for more than 70 years, have help us grow and position ourselves as a reference brand in the varnish and resin sector. Our resolution for this new year is to give back the support received by making all our partners protagonists in our blog and social media accounts.  Accordingly, we have created “OMAR PROYECTA“, a new channel of diffusion on our website where we intend to publish all the designs and projects that have become a reality or represent the beginning of a future idea. The only requirement is for the project to involve the use of any of Omar Coatings’ products.

If you have a new project with our products and would like to make it known to the entire chemical sector and other business circles with which we work directly, send all the details to info@omarcoatings.com and we’ll do the rest.

What you need to send us?

  • Multimedia files: plans, graphics, images or videos.
  • Project description.
  • Solutions provided by Omar Coatings.
  • Omar products used. Technical specifications.
  • Final conclusion.

Once, you have sent us your project we will publish it on our website, in our newsletter and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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