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Omar Coatings consolidates its position in Morocco

Morocco is a country with which Omar Coatings has had commercial relations for years; the relations have not always been constant, but they have always resulted in useful contacts. We did not finally consolidate a bond with our main distributor in the country until the end of 2016. The union has fostered close inter-company collaboration and built a bridge with Africa. Not happy with the first point of sale in Casablanca, we worked to position ourselves in Rabat, Marrakesh and Agadir to continue improving our customer service.

Nowadays, thanks to our distributor’s sales team, their extensive knowledge of the area and the commitment made by Omar Coatings in the country, we have finally created a solid base on which to offer the Moroccan market a guarantee in coordinated logistics and the quality of the products marketed in paints and varnishes. As a result of this work and in order to continuously improve our position in the market, we held training days last December with the managers and agents of each town in which there is a point of sale. The purpose of the days was for the sales team to receive information about our most demanded products. Once Omar Coatings had analysed the trend in market demands, more information was given about the products, including the best features and alternatives for future customers.

In this country, one of the main difficulties in coatings is the weather. The variable temperature and humidity are not conducive to the work done to integrate standard products in the area. This was one of the topics discussed during the training days. Thanks to the excellent work by our varnishes department and, more specifically, by the members of the R&D department, we made small modifications to obtain products with excellent applicability and drying specifications that adapt perfectly to the Moroccan climate. Undoubtedly, the solution opens up new marketing channels to solve the problem raised by our distributor’s sales team.

At the present time, through its Partner in Morocco, Omar Coatings markets aromatic and aliphatic polyurethane products for spray gun application on UV machinery and water-based varnishes.

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