foto de fuego simulando la calidad de los barnices ignífugos

Keys to the application of the European Standard UNE-EN 13501 in fire-retardant varnishes.

Omar Coatings manufactures a wide selection of products for different materials, surfaces and finishes in .

Driven by the constant evolution of materials and manufacturing processes and with safety in mind, we have continued the research we have carried out in the fire-retardant varnishes developed in recent years.

In view of the European Standard UNE-EN 13501-1: 07 + A1:2010, which reports on the reaction of materials to fire, we can jointly evaluate three important indicators:

  • Flammability: defined as the ability to self-ignite under the effects of high temperatures, as well as subsequent combustion and flame behaviour. Behaviour in response to fire
  • Emission of fumes: assessing the quantity and size of the solid particles in suspension generated with the combustion of materials. Fume protection.
  • Drop production: estimating the amount of burning droplets that can drip and help fire to spread. Flammable drops.

With all these three variables and, as we have said, with personal safety in mind but driven by the innovation, design and integration of the materials in the environment, Omar Coatings continues to work with its fire-retardant varnishes with processes certified by the AIDIMA Fire Technology Centre under the EUROCLASS regulations.

As a result of these investigations, we can offer the market transparent and/or pigmented materials for open or closed pores in a wide range of glosses and other surfaces, such as texture.

Why all the variety in fire-retardant varnishes?

Pushed along by increasingly different markets, fire-retardant products need to be highly versatile to meet the requirements of facultative management, where the party applying the varnish is the end user. Indeed, on many occasions, the different substrates to be protected are combined in the same product.

The customisation of building projects and the requirements of the new technical building code (CTE) meet all the necessary conditions for us to market a wide range of options.

So, as explained above, with some of our fire-retardant varnishes we can manufacture any colour of the RAL or NCS chart in degrees of brightness so diverse that they comprise a range of options from ultra-matt to the brightest gloss.

This customised manufacturing process is mainly managed by the Omar Coatings distributor network, allowing us to offer our customers the flexibility, speed and service they demand. With the mixture of our bases and the pigment pastes identified by the tintometric system to obtain each colour, we can supply the tone that best suits the user’s requirements, together with the specified technical characteristics and warranty and reliability of Omar Coatings.

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