The advantages of organic products

This article responds to the number of followers of our social networks and our website who have been interested in learning about the advantages of BIO products. Both professionals and users have sent us many requests for information on the differences between the new organic products and their predecessors. Is there any improvement? The answer is: DEFINITELY YES.

The main and most important improvement that we can talk about in these new coatings is the use of materials that, while maintaining the characteristics of the product, their environmental footprint is considerably reduced.

Our commitment in the development and research has been to maintain the physicochemical characteristics of these products, transforming their nature, without altering their high performance. From the gestation of this initiative, through the first formulations to obtaining each of the certificates for each article, the main concern has been that they meet one objective: to improve the sustainability of our planet.

Fortunately, all the work that has preceded the implementation of BIO water-based materials has left a legacy of learning and improvements in our R+D+i department that feeds, even more if possible, the determination to continue evolving the performance of any BIO COATINGS under these more environmentally friendly parameters.

In short, there is an improvement in environmental terms with our BIO products.

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