High performance coating systems

High performance coating systems

For centuries, stone, marble, granite, mosaic, and wood have been the surface of the habitat in palaces, large estates, religious or administrative buildings and also, of course, in more humble houses with the same materials, but simpler.

Today they are still used, considering all these elements as noble, but there are also many opportunities for decoration and improved functionality with synthetic materials: from inorganic materials such as cements, small fragments of agglomerated stone, ceramics or glass to organic materials such as flexible PVC plastics, composites of various kinds, melamine, etc.

With such a diversity of materials, designers have a whole world open to their creativity to thrill and surprise the public with their creations. But not everything is decoration. The study of materials and their properties have led to the development of synthetic floors of great durability and easy installation without forgetting decorative purposes.

In OMAR COATINGS we are concerned about the conservation, durability, and preservation of the aesthetics of the floors we walk on, that is why our research and development department is continuously investigating the most suitable coating products for each type of surface. All application technologies, from manual to automatic, both in-situ and in manufacturing facilities; all curing technologies, ambient, high temperature, IR, UV or LED; have been studied to offer solutions with a wide portfolio of solvent-based, 100% solids or water-based products.

Thus, we have high performance coating systems for materials such as: woods of all types, both coniferous and tropical or exotic; flexible floors made of plastic materials such as PVC; technological synthetic woods (composite based on plastic polymers and wood dust or chips); composites based on polyester resins and mineral fillers; drainage floors made of gravel agglomerated with epoxy resins; sand pools; thick linoleum based on colorless epoxy resin; decorative cements and micro-cements; printed cement; terracotta tiles for rustic-looking terraces and stoneware or porcelain tiles.

Some of our products, in addition to providing aesthetic and durability solutions, add properties that confer high added value. These additional properties have been carefully studied to obtain certifications such as: slip resistance class III according to UNE ENV 12633:2003, friction resistance for sports flooring according to UNE EN 13036-4, reaction to fire Euroclass Bfl s1 according to UNE EN ISO 9239-1:11 and UNE EN ISO 11925-2:11 (fireproof varnishes); or antibacterial protection with R>2 according to MOD ISO 22116 destruction of more than 99.7% of bacteria in contact with the surface.

In short, as a manufacturer of varnishes we offer our customers a wide variety of coatings with very high performance and added value for all kinds of highly functional and decorative floors.




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