Supporting Environmental Sustainability

The beginning of the 21st century brought with it a growing concern for environmental issues of various kinds, as was made clear by political leaders from all over the world in the agreement reached in Kyoto in 1997. Within this United Nations framework, the reduction of greenhouse gas pollutants was established as a goal.

The first decade corroborated the worst omens, as it became the hottest decade on record. And all this breeding ground, as well as greater access to information, caused us to increase our environmental sensitivity in order to recover lost ground or, at the very least, to try to slow down the degradation caused by human beings.

Initially, large projects led by governments were claimed, which, in turn, could be supported by large companies around the world. Fortunately, with the passage of time, social awareness spread to the individuality of actions. Perhaps this was the greatest change: realizing that each gesture, individually, added to millions of other gestures, generated a much greater force and, in turn, served to shake more and more consciences.

At Omar Coatings we want to contribute and join this trend. And since every gesture counts, we have taken our first step by transforming the HIDROMAR family of water-based products into BIO products thanks to the use, for the most part in their production, of materials of natural origin.

If you want to join this movement for environmental sustainability, we have made it easy for you. Every time you buy one of our BIO products, you will be part of this stream of consciousness, persuasive and preaching with what it does. And when you apply these coatings treated with BIO materials, you will show that you want a better world for everyone.

Are you joining our BIOfriendly trend? All you have to do is request that the products are BIO by Omar Coatings.

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