Acriter and Omarcril win over the U.S. kitchen furniture industry

Omar Coatings, as part of their internationalisation process that began a few years ago, began marketing in the United States. The extraordinary work done by distributors in the different states of the country is being rewarded and the kitchen furniture sector has been one the first instance of success that has come from their hard work. But beforehand, all products that they were looking to submit had to go through exhaustive quality controls to improve the characteristics of the materials they use. And so, during the first quarter of last year, some varnishes were requested to be analysed by applicators in the kitchen furniture sector to test their behaviour on this type of furniture. The results were surprising, with reports of extraordinary thinning performance at different temperatures and humidity levels. Also, the total coverage of planes and edges, as well as the speed of surface drying and deep drying and the great thixotropy, even with coats that were twice as thick as necessary.

The difficulty of marketing products in the U.S. is well known.  In addition, there is fierce competition in the field of varnishes and resins, and products have to pass the rigorous and exhaustive examinations imposed by the quality departments of potential clients. In this case, our products Acriter Blanco M15 and M30, as well as Omarcril Blanco Brillo, managed to overcome the most demanding quality controls, being persistently exposed both to solar radiation and external temperature differentials, seeking both the breakage by expansion and the yellowing of whites. The results could not have been better for the quality department in question, where they observed in the results of the internal test that the values were in the range of zero variability. Nothing our R&D department didn’t already know.

The improvement in the qualities and properties of our products is one of our principles at Omar Coatings. And this commitment would be impossible were it not for the daily feedback that we receive from applicators, purchasing managers and quality department members from companies around the world. Thanks to this joint effort, our varnishes are making their way into new markets. And, in this case, the American market has been a clear example. As the old saying goes, a job well done can take you anywhere.


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