Acrylic varnishes for kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture as we know it today, in modules and prefabricated standard and custom doors and fronts, has been around since the middle of the last century. With the passing of time, the kitchen has evolved through a variety of uses. From its origin as a place for cooking food to what it is today: a central place in a house where those who live there meet and share gastronomy and culture in one room.

That was when the manufacture of varnishes used on all kitchen furniture became particularly important, since they had to match the rest of the house and, above all, withstand frantic, daily use and washing and cleaning agents.

At Omar Coatings we market a wide range of pigmented and transparent acrylic varnishes from our usual deep matt finish to a mirror-like gloss.

Our acrylic varnishes are known for their extraordinary applicability and excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.But perhaps the feature most valued by users is their excellent resistance to yellowing, which gives kitchen furniture a look that withstands the passing time.

Not satisfied with all these options, the technical department at Omar Coatings has developed a line of R>2 antibacterial acrylic varnishes for specific use on kitchen and other furniture.

Also aware of the importance of productivity at the workplace, all our products are known for their excellent extensibility, soft and silky touch, high surface scratch resistance, good elasticity and extraordinary drying speed. Besides the use of high quality materials, our varnishes are designed to ensure the appropriate work speed for each type of production.

Finally, mention must also be made of the versatility of the acrylic varnishes manufactured at Omar Coatings. Our tintometric system can be used to obtain any colour from the RAL or NCS charts almost immediately. Our acrylic line converters and the range of Omarcrom pigments can also be used to obtain and even customise any colour.

With Omar Coatings’ acrylic varnishes, the colour limit is set by each customer. All you have to do is try it.

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