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New catalogue of outdoor water-based varnishes

At Omar Coatings, we work to ensure that all our technical information reaches our customers and suppliers faster and more easily. Here, our marketing department has worked with the technical department to develop a new catalogue of outdoor water-based varnishes. By focusing on the creative side, we have come up with an easy-to-read document with the physical-chemical specifications of our outdoor varnishes structured according to application system.

The main feature of this catalogue has been the use of a unique, exclusive technology for reproducing, almost identically, the colours and textures without the use of real samples. This makes the catalogue lighter and easier to handle and carry around. Thanks to this system, we have managed to include all the samples of the transparent iron oxide based colour primers while providing protection against the destructive action of solar radiation.

Finally, the samples show the coatings and their specifications, weight and type of protection, application system, including the layers to be applied, drying time, the sanding grains to be used and alternative systems.

To complete the information, we have included a special section on the varnishing of indoor and outdoor wooden flooring and walkways.

We hope this new tool and, of course, the corresponding technical data sheets, the advice from the technical department and the work of our sales agents will give customers more information about Omar Coatings’ outdoor water-based varnishes.

If you have not yet seen the new catalogue, please ask your nearest distributor or agent for a copy.

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