foto de mobiliario con barniz efecto poro abierto

Open pore wood effect

For several years, for the sake of simplicity, comfort and dialogue with nature, the so-called new architectures came to light, later to be referred to as natural, bioclimatic or organic architecture, among other names.

To accompany this new trend, furniture designs started using new means of expression that harmonised interior and exterior spaces with the natural look of the materials used.

Designs such as the Nordic MidCentury Modern, Industrial, Navy or Bohémio are combined to meet the aspirations of bringing the essence of nature to modern life and the feeling of comfort and peace and quiet to our homes.

Omar Coatings has also wanted to contribute to the development of varnishes that alter the look of materials as little as possible while offering different sensations to the touch. We have focused on achieving a magnificent wood effect with an excellently drawn pore using several of the following products:


  • Natural Wood Sealant: Monocomponent and/or bicomponent product with zero yellowing that can be used as an undercoat or topcoat, leaving a thin film on each layer, where any change in colour of the medium to which it is applied is almost unnoticeable.
  • Acriter PA M03 Nat: Bicomponent acrylic product with excellent scratch resistance and a feel similar to natural wood for use as an open pore topcoat with a deep matt finish.
  • Acriter PA M05 1070: Product of extraordinary applicability by gun, very fast drying and fantastic pore marking. An excellent anti-fingerprint effect is also achieved.

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