Optimizing logistics and transport for new international markets

Within the internationalization process in which Omar Coatings is immersed, we continue to improve the logistics and transport system for the purpose of improving cost savings. Recently, the first shipment was made with a 40″ container full of customized material, in this case, to the Arab countries.

One of the international markets where Omar Coatings is continuously operating, requested a logistics optimization study in order to be able to market also new containers of smaller capacity to cover a specific customer target.

Thanks to our logistics department and the ability to customize products and formats in fully automated systems, it has been possible to ship this 40″ container with an occupancy, both in terms of load and volume, very close to 95%.

The main challenge in this shipment was that the increase in volume generated by a greater number of smaller capacity containers considerably reduced the loaded capacity, with a considerable increase in costs per kg/lt unit.

The ISO 668 standard (International Organization for Standardization) regulates for Dry Van or Standards containers of 20 and 40 feet a maximum authorized load of 28,000 kg. With these maximum load capacities, our logistics department established a process engineering, able to take advantage of the capacity of the smaller containers in a percentage very close to 60% and volume around 92%, using our most common containers of 25kg/lt for varnishes, as well as the homologous hardeners.

As always, in Omar Coatings our main challenge is to advance and improve continuously in the manufacture of varnishes and resins, without forgetting at any time how many indirect services are related to cover the requests received. International markets are more and more competitive every day and our goal is to offer the best guarantee in our products and an optimized logistics to export products at competitive prices for our distributors and international customers.

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