Proud of our new samples of finishes for wood

On 19 July of this year, we published a news item on our website reporting the launch of a new tool to meet our customers’ requirements, fruit of a decision we made thanks to the satisfaction surveys you completed. Now, we can proudly say that this moment has arrived.

After months of effort and hard work by the technical department of our laboratory and our sales department, Omar Coatings is proud to present these new samples of finishes for wood. It is a box with samples of wood for our customers to see and touch the finishes of our products after the application of various coatings. A box of samples that can be updated over time with new finishes by changing the pieces of wood inside. The box will differ in each geographical area since, as we all know, weather conditions and requirements vary. Therefore, it may contain samples of wood with our products or other pieces as required in each location.

These Omar Coatings samples represent a new tool to be presented to national and international markets by our sales representatives to help improve our customers’ decision-making processes when applying our products. We refer to it as a tool because it is particularly useful, making it possible for you to see and touch the finishes of our coatings and appreciate the characteristics of each one. The pieces of wood have been varnished in person by our laboratory technicians.

Some of our customers have already seen the tool and we can confirm that they are highly satisfied with the idea. However, our team will not be taking all the glory. We want to remind you and insist that we can publish this news item today thanks to the satisfaction surveys you completed. Our aim is for this to be the working method for our customers and suppliers, collaborating and improving as much as we can to achieve the final goal of satisfaction.

Finally, at Omar Coatings we would like to thank you for taking part in this project and we hope it will meet the expectations, comments and contributions you made in the survey.

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