Visit our showroom and discover a whole world of possibilities

At Omar Coatings we want to invite all our customers and suppliers to know, but above all to see and touch each of the more than 350 samples of finishes that can be found in our displays in our Showroom.

Several months ago, work began on adapting and improving the space for displaying, on different substrates, the products manufactured by Omar Coatings, including all their intermediate processes. Fundamentally, it is about showing what is hidden inside each one of our can’s blue containers.

For this work, 300 x 400 mm panels were used. Some of them in mdf, others with different veneers in various shades. Solid wood has also been used, mainly for outdoor processes, and then subsequently substrates as diverse as glass, steel, polyester resin and microcement are used. Each of them has been coated with materials of a different chemical nature, using, in addition, several application systems; from the most conventional, such as a spray application, through to the use of brush or roller, and curtain or immersion application. Accompanying them with physical, percussion or UV drying.

The purpose of this work is to decipher the contents of our containers in a very visual manner, which allows us to understand the scope of the products manufactured by Omar Coatings, showing what would happen if we alter the application systems, or the consumption, in the event of modifying the type of application and/or the drying method.

Now we would love to share this space with you, open up the doors of our Showroom to you, to make it a place of inspiration for new projects among designers, users, applicators and manufacturers, turning it into a forum full of knowledge that allows us to nurture and continue to grow.

If you are interested in visiting this new space, just call or write an email to arrange a visit. We would be delighted to show you, individually, one more piece of Omar Coatings. Our Showroom is undoubtedly the best place to have a coffee while we show you the most suitable products for developing your ideas in each of your projects.

Come and visit us!

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