Omar Coatings consolidates its presence in Arabic Countries

For some years now, the commercial department at Omar Coatings has focused efforts on Arabic Countries. The excellent reception given to our products has led to extraordinary growth both in the number of sales points and in countries in this area of the world. All this has improved our company’s commercial and technical service and the time intervals involved in both departments.

Immersing ourselves in the local culture, exquisite hospitality and how business is carried on in these countries has helped us to further understand needs in terms of material specifications and turn them into requirements for our technical department to provide specific solutions for each case.

Far from being a problem for Omar Coatings, these needs have become challenges for the evolution of our polyurethane varnishes and most demanding water-based varnishes. Indeed, both products have to pass the most stringent technical checks and inspections throughout the manufacturing process, as well as supervision of the know-how and satisfaction of the professional applicators who use them. Fortunately, we are gaining more and more followers.

Our materials were initially exposed to the negative effects of the different climates in terms of temperature, pressure, humidity and other factors. Fortunately, thanks to our local partners’ know-how and work and the capacity for adaptation of our products, we have obtained excellent results over the years and successfully moulded our coatings to each customer’s demands and specifications.

Not content with the journey so far and in order to continue improving our customer service, we have also offered bidirectional training. On the one hand, at our facilities, with a personal service given by our technical and commercial team. On the other and in a much more concise way, in our target countries, with general training and specific visits. As a result, we focus on sharing know-how and improving our products and applications to ensure the best end result.

At Omar Coatings, we would like to acknowledge the work done by all our distributors in Arabic Countries. Thanks to them, our packaging is now identified as a reference brand for quality and service, getting the best smiles from applicators thanks to the thixotropy, easy sanding, matting and feel of our products.

Finally, we would like to highlight the ease with which the Omar Coatings tintometric system has found its footing in these countries. The cooperation between our technical department and information systems has produced a very simple and accurate work method that increases user productivity.

At Omar Coatings, we are working to reach and expand to new countries and clients in Morocco, Algeria and the Persian Gulf. We are convinced that, thanks to the local hospitality and the warranty we provide for our products, our friends and customers will continue to grow in number.

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