White Omarpur, a white that does not yellow

For some years now we have been witnessing how lacquered interior joinery and furniture has been taking the place of wood and veneer. Of all the possible colours, white and its variants undoubtedly stand out above the rest.
This tendency towards light tones means we need to treat finishes with products that are particularly stable to light. Accordingly, the most recommended products are acrylic lacquers cross-linked with aliphatic poly-isocyanate. This type of finish has been used unquestioned for decades when total colour stabilisation has been essential. However, either because of the price or its easy application, current demand focuses on polyurethane lacquers and acrylics are used only for jobs of a certain size or for very high quality.
Polyurethane lacquers do not have the same light stability as their acrylic counterparts. They yellow when exposed for a certain period of time to indoor light or sunlight coming in through windows.By definition, the cause of this degradation lies in the components of polyurethane, the alkyd resin and a cross-linking agent or hardener of mixed aliphatic-aromatic poly-isocyanate.
At Omar Coatings, we are aware of the technical problems and potential use of polyurethane for lacquering wooden objects and have developed a new product concept based on in-house technology thanks to collaboration between the R&D departments of the resins and coatings divisions. As a result, we now have an alkyd resin with an extremely low content of oils (fatty acids) which, together with a careful balance of aliphatic and aromatic isocyanate of the hardener, has allowed us to obtain a white lacquer with very low yellowing indexes. Indeed, the indexes are so low that its stability to light is very close to that of an acrylic finish. After accelerated ageing for 400 hours in a Xenotest chamber, the product obtained the following Δb results:

Acrylic whiteNew polyurethaneoStandard polyurethaner

The commercial name of the new product is OMARPUR WHITE and its cross-linking agent is HARDENER BA-25.Other characteristics, such as ease of application, perfect coverage on edges and corners, extensibility, silky touch and hardness, have been carefully studied to present our customers with a finish of the highest quality.

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